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A State Of Awe

A fascinating person I once had the pleasure of meeting is Jonathan Peck, a health care futurist. His passion is to reduce disparities and provide healing and well-being to all.

That’s a pretty good job and important work.

Jonathan mentioned that “awe” is a central framework to his thinking. When we are in a state of awe about another person, idea or beautiful work of art or music, we become grateful.

His frame is that awe leads to wonder and this facilitates gratitude and learning.

Meeting him made me think about the things that give me that same feeling.

I am in awe of the incredible privilege of serving West Virginia University and the state of West Virgnia.

I am awed by my family – wife and children, and the opportunity I have to shape their happiness, perspectives. I am in awe of the love I get from them to enrich my life. Being married to someone who you love and helps you grow and to be a parent leads to joy, happiness and growth.

I am awed by the commitment of our team at the Health Sciences Center and at WVU Medicine to help others. The culture of service and purpose are critical for us to continuously invest and protect. The people I know are foundationally good, hard working, smart and committed to others.

It is a beautiful culture we are growing.

I am awed by the beauty of WV and her people – courageous, proud and strong. My grandfather and uncle were coal miners. I cannot believe the courage they displayed every day to go under the ground to extract coal that provided energy and steel to our country.

I am in awe of my parents. My dad was able to go to college because of the GI bill and my mom worked her way to attend college. They both loved my brother Sam and I. They invested so much to make our lives great and helped us love to learn and to have a framework of hard work, personal values and accountability.

I am awed by the opportunity to help people that are vulnerable and in need. The opportunity to be part of supporting communities and citizens gaining a mindset that all is possible is special.

But mostly, I am awed for the many opportunities I am given in my life to know interesting and amazing people, to get to contribute to others’ growth and to be part of a team of destiny with Gordon Gee, and our leadership teams at WVU, WVU HSC and WVU Medicine.

A destiny that provides hope and a better future to the state of WV.

For that I am grateful.