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Acceptance and Wonder

I have previously written about three principles that I keep in mind - help everyone, rescue no one and create your place, organization and experience like you would for someone you love.

I will add another two experiential approaches I am finding helpful: accept all your experiences and see things like you are seeing them for the first time.

Let me approach my rationale for these last two observations.

First, acceptance.

Our highest human condition is flow, which is a release state. I think a secret to flow is to accept things as you experience them. Trust that all is as it should be and that all that you experience, happens for a reason. One you may not know or understand, but a reason nonetheless. Remember, Anais Nin said, “we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are”. Truth and understanding changes with experience, growth and wisdom.

Accepting this fact, as well as accepting that there is no past or future, only the present, allows focus on each moment as a new opportunity to see the world anew. To lean into things that cause you pain. Rumi said, “the wound is where the light enters”. He also said, “yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise and decided to change myself”.

Acceptance leads to growth, wisdom and flow.

Secondly, wonder.

It is said that we live 80% of our conscious life by 8 years old. By that age, we are generally programmed to think there is a “right” answer, and to conform to what society, schools, teachers, parents, tv, social media, coaches, etc tell us.

Abraham Maslow, who constructed a pyramid of human needs, has self-actualization on the top of the pyramid.

What is this?

I think it may be reversing our programming and opening our eyes to everything. I have previously posted that it is a basic impossibility that we are alive and on earth. Based on quantum physics, we are energy beings living in an environment with amazing amounts of energy and are likely creators of the world we live.

Given the fact that reality to us is the processing of electromagnetic waves, which we can only discern about 1%, and atoms, the building blocks of matter are almost all space, it is not a huge leap to think we do not understand everything about everything.

We have taught and accepted dogma that is likely either not really true. Our lives may even be a projection and I think it is likely that we would be amazed if we knew exactly what makes up our world.

It is energy. All mass is energy. We are energy. Thus, we are all connected. Part of the same substrate. We see each other as different, but I think we are actually mirrors to ourselves.

Getting back to wonder.

Because I think that we can never really understand who and what we actually are (spiritual beings having a human experience), lets stop trying so hard to make up stories to understand the non-understandable and enjoy our amazing ride.

Let’s open our eyes. Really open them. And try to see.

Not only with our eyes, but with our hearts and spirits.

Let’s try to look through the eyes of one who has really seen for the first time. Savoring brilliant colors, smells, touch, sight and sound.

Like a child who hasn’t been so programmed to be blind to what is really there. To be mindful in our daily journey.

And if we can remember how to see again, we may find ourselves with a different lens.

Acceptance and wonder.

Gratitude and abundance.

Love and wholeness.