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An Attitude of Gratitude

I have spent a long time thinking about health and wellness and how we can best help others live a long and high quality life.

One important aspect is the ability to be grateful – for the important simple gifts we all take for granted every day. Jim Tressel, the President of the University of Akron said we should all live with “an attitude of gratitude”.

He is a smart guy, but this statement may be more sage than he realized.

There are many benefits of gratitude.

People that are grateful may live longer than those that aren’t. They tend to have more and better relationships, sleep better, have more optimism and make other people feel better about themselves.

I talked previously about many days our eyes are open, but we do not see.

Really look at the beauty around you, at the people you love and be grateful.

Remember, the average lottery winner is less happy than the average person, while the average person surviving a life-threatening illness is happier than the average person.

Here is a great TED talk and video that powerfully communicates this concept

Steve Jobs said, in his address to Stanford University, that he began to look in the mirror every day and ask, if this were my last day, would I do the same thing? For if you ask that question enough days, some day you will be right.

Be grateful and enjoy our simple gifts that may never return on another day.