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I had the privilege of participating in the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference this week with Gordon Gee, Ali Rezai and Arianna Huffington. We had a lively discussion on the health and future of West Virginia.

The conference hosted so many talented people with a variety of insights, technologies, tools and approaches to improving healthcare. They asked us some penetrating questions after the panel.

Ali Rezai MD Photo credit Stuart Isett/Fortune Brainstorm Health.
Ali Rezai MD

After being immersed in the conference information for two days, I think my most important takeaway is the possibility of AND.

As people, scientists, entrepreneurs and technologists, we tend to be reductionist. That is, we break an issue we are trying to solve into its component pieces.

Our egos function by this same reductionist mindset. There is scarcity in the word OR.

“There is not enough for everyone. He/she has it better than me. I deserved this. They are bad, I am good. He/she is not deserving”....etc.

Moreover, many of us believe that the whole is too much to understand our experience. Thus, we break the whole into parts and pieces.

There is an implicit scarcity mindset in this thinking.

Remember, the root word for health is wholeness. There is an implicit trust and abundance mindset in the believing the whole is available to all of us and only requires our deep belief and trust.

We currently live in an OR world.

This is the programming we grew up with and the mental programming that supports separation and ego.

I think this causes us to be sick.

I believe that all we have the ability to acquire abundance in our lives, families, communities and world. To experience the whole abundantly and be well.


By deeply believing and visualizing this desired future state and trusting our abundant universe to create this future. We co-create with the universe all the time: remember wave-particle duality from quantum physics.

It is time to wake up and become conscious co-creators to build a better and healthier world.

Remember, world only exists to each of us in the way we interact with it and establish our beliefs.

Given we are energy beings (E=mc2, energy is mass), nothing on this earth is what we think it is. That is everything we interact with in our waking lives is only energy. It is one with us and we are one with everything. We just experience it as separate entities and our interactions and beliefs define our view of ourselves and the world. See the previous blog on separation for more thoughts on this.

How do we change the world?

By moving from the limited mindset of OR/scarcity to a mindset of AND/abundance.

We do this by working together to consciously create this future. By sharing this purpose, sharing this vision of a brighter and better future, and by trusting our belief that this is possible.

To believe and then see that the universe is a willing co-creator with us always.

Einstein said there are only two ways to live your life. One is like nothing is a miracle. The other is like everything is a miracle.

One way is OR. The other way is AND.

OR is competition. AND is collaboration.

OR is scarcity. AND is abundance.

OR is fear. AND is love.

OR is ego. AND is spirit.

Let’s change our world.


Almost heaven.


All photos:  Stuart Isett/Fortune Brainstorm Health.