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Beauty, gratitude and health

I have greatly enjoyed the unparalleled beauty of West Virginia and my morning forays into nature here.

The flowering plants, beautiful trees, mountain vistas and wildlife conspire to create a framework of healthy mindset and gratitude.

I am thankful for this. I am thankful for each miracle I am lucky to see every day.

The sun. Earth. Our lives. Friends. Family. Community. Purpose. Nature. Beauty. Senses. Struggles. Learning. Hope. Trust. Hope. Gratitude.

They are individually and as a group, miracles. The likelihood of our existence on earth is a scientific improbability, and thus, it has come to me that appreciating our world and lives matters.

This approach has helped me see, enjoy and appreciate.

I have talked before about most of our lives we have our eyes open, but rarely see.

We worry about money, position, power, status and possessions – manifestations of success in our world.

We often don’t see the irreplaceable elements in our lives that really matter at a deeper level.

The impact of nature is to remind us of the energetic connections we share with each other.

As we look at quantum physics, subatomic particles give way to only energy to hold everything together. No physical structure, just energy.

We share energy and in fact, we are energy. Einstein reported this in his famous equation of E=mc2 , the mass-energy equivalence equation. Mass is energy.

Being in nature reminds us at a fundamental level that we are really all part of a larger single frame – each person, tree, animal, rock, etc.

Like droplets from the same ocean, we are manifestations of the same energy. Universal energy.

Not separate and alone, but together and connected.

I think this is the power of social networks. Sharing energy by connecting.

This generates health and resilience. The same effect comes from being in nature and practicing mindfulness.

Reconnecting with the source energy of our universe.

Appreciating the miracle that allows us to live and to thrive.

With gratitude.

Almost heaven.