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Blessings and Beauty

I count my blessings this holiday. I want to share some of these thoughts with you.

Gratitude is our highest emotion and I believe real blessings are understanding our priceless, foundational gifts.

The ability to see beauty. 

It exists in everything, and is everywhere.

It is our choice to see it or not. I have begun to see it since I came back to West Virginia.

In a snow-covered day.

In a sunset.

In a sunrise.

In a smile.

In another person.

In a loved pet.

In friendship.

In family.

In children.

In work and purpose.

In independence.

In safety.

In struggles.

In growth.

In discovery.

In creativity.

In change.

In health.

In nature.

In service.

In purpose.

In love. 

In our lives.

In our university.

In our state.  

Focusing on our great blessings with gratitude is a key to happiness and to flourishing as a person. 

I hope you appreciate these great gifts in yourself and in the people you love this holiday season.

Being back home with each of you is my greatest blessing. 

Have a happy, safe and healthy holiday, and I look to a transformational - and magical - year ahead of us.