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Coherence revisited

I want to continue the theme that our life experiences are driven by our interpretation of interactions with the events of our lives and that we each feel a separate existence.

In this frame, life events are neutral, but gain their labels by our judgements and perceptions.

What is responsible for our individual experiences?

Our egos.

Our egos enable us to have a creative set of experiences, but over time, this separation may have toxic effects on our health and our lives.

The story of the powerful role of ego in the story of human life goes back to biblical times.

Metaphorically, the story of the Garden of Eden is about ego. After eating the apple of temptation, man and woman realize they are different than each other and other creatures for the first time. They become self-conscious.

They discover “I” instead of “we.” They become separated from unity. This is a metaphor for ego.

Although I have blogged that our society’s moorings -- our focus on individualism, celebrity, power, money, etc., driving our egos -- may be a root of our sicknesses and drug issues, I am beginning to realize that foundationally, ego is neutral as well.

Egos allow each of us to protect ourselves from danger; create individually; experience our lives fully; create our individual beliefs and our purpose; and find our tribes and connect to our community and family.

Egos allow us to experience life as an individual, which ultimately, enhances experiences of the whole. Collectively, with each of us as creators, we can enhance the beauty and diversity of our communities, nations and world.

What then is the challenge with ego?

Many of us don’t feel loved and safe. Our mindset is one of scarcity and fear.

Our survival mechanisms have usurped our ability to appreciate the daily miracles that are available for our experience and joy.

Our separation interferes with the coherence and power that results from alignment and co-creation of a group of people that shares purpose and connection.

If we can truly see the divine in ourselves and each other (remember the greeting Namaste), we will grow in love and safety, and gain a mindset of abundance.

Aligning a deeply held vision of a better future and world will allow us to leverage the amazing creativity and energy of our collective creative power.

For aligning our creative energy allows us to be coherent.

Remember, in quantum physics (wave-particle duality), an observer allows the transition of a non-coherent multi-potential future state (energy in wave form) to collapse into a single coherent state (energy in particle form.)

Coherence is the property of light that changes a light bulb to a laser.

Coherence creates power.

Coherence is a reflection of unity and gives the creative force of many acting as ONE.

Coherence creates the foundation of powerful social connections and tipping points.

Coherence is an outcome of deeply shared purpose.

Coherence allows us to experience flow.

Coherence allows us to experience wholeness.

Coherence allows us to change our health.

Coherence allows us to change our future.

Coherence allows us to change our world.

Almost heaven.