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Emotional quotient and emotional intelligence

Many people have observed that quite often, people with high IQs (intelligence quotient) are not as externally successful as people with high emotional quotients (EQs).

What is EQ?

Emotional quotient or emotional intelligence is an idea popularized by Daniel Goleman. He noticed that leaders and people that better understand their emotions and motivations tend to be more successful than others who do not. Many who have studied this phenomenon say EQ can be raised through conscious effort.

Being able to understand the root of others’ behaviors and their own processing of these emotions allow one to measure their responses in a productive way.

Having high EQs allow accurate understanding of not only the messages sent verbally, but also non-verbal cues. This understanding – empathy – is key to becoming and remaining attuned to the needs of others.

This is also important in our everyday lives.

Most of the time, our happiness rests on how we process information – if we are happy about the way we see the world around us, our relationships, and passions, we are happy. If we see these as negative, we are unhappy.

The choice is ours.

When we say that someone makes us unhappy, mad, angry or feeling blue, folks with high EQs understand it is not someone else, but themselves.

We can choose to see every day as an adventure, with gratitude on seeing a new day.

If we choose well, we may just live longer and better.