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Fractals of The Whole

I am wondering about the recent events of our country and world.

Divisions are deepening and we see polarization in thought and action every day on the news and media. We are becoming more divided by the day and are facing some of the most daunting times in modern history.

Instead of our divisions being about many different issues, I think we are in actuality facing only one thing - fear.

Fear of losing control. Fear of losing identify. Fear of being wrong. Fear of dying. Fear of changing. Fear that we and our lives don’t matter. Fear of our victimhood. Fear of powerlessness. Fear of the dark. Fear that others possess the most important gifts. Fear that we are invisible.

Maybe we are also fearful of our power. Fear of our divinity. Fear that external things are not what really matters. Fear of the light. Fear that we are really all the same. Fear that our deepest gifts are us. Fear that our earthly lives are really an illusion.

Why is this?

I think it may come from a deep-rooted pull between our egos and our spirit.

If we are indeed powerful spiritual beings deciding to live on earth to heal ourselves, create, awaken and help others do the same, then there is a natural tension between our ego (individual-ness) and spirit (One-ness).

Our egos are driven to support our individual human selves. To exist. To do. To control. To survive.

Our spiritual selves connect us to our eternity. To enjoy. To experience. To be. To create. To love.

Our choice of individual-ness requires us to forget One-ness.

If we wake up to One-ness, we understand that individual-ness is really just a role we are playing and not our real selves. The dynamics of our experience here would be muted.

Shakespeare said it well in his famous lines from As You Like It, All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.

If we realized we are just role-playing, we risk reducing the intensity and the amazing texture of our earthly experiences.

Maybe the key is not to destroy the ego and individual experiences but meld it intimately with our spirit.

Spiritual alchemy.

Then we would realize our perceptions, feelings, emotions and thoughts drive our creations. That the world we live in is really just a reflection of how we feel inside.

By healing ourselves, we heal everything.

As alchemists, we exist as an individual expression and a part of the whole.

Eternal fractals of a bigger whole.

As fractals of unity, we discover each of us is the same. Equal in power. Equal in worth. Equal in creative ability.

Each playing different roles, reflecting a single whole.

Devine beings having a human experience.

Fractals of the indivisible.

Enabled beings savoring our individuality as a driver of incredible creative experiences.

Heaven on earth. Radiating love to each other and to all things.

Intentionally and consciously creating a better world. A better universe.

We are on our way there, even if right now it doesn’t seem like it.

This is what real change feels like. Changing from fear to love.

This is what awakening feels like. Changing from feeling our separateness to remembering our unity.

Fractals of the whole.