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From Our Heart To Yours

We recently celebrated the opening of our Heart and Vascular tower at WVU Medicine.

What a great celebration.

I think it is appropriate that the organ of feeling and of love is the first program to be housed in a new specialty hospital.

We are building tertiary and quaternary care teams to compliment the great primary and secondary care that exists in West Virginia.

We are building this capacity in very complex care not to compete with anyone in the state, but to bring the best to West Virginia to help those that suffer with acute and chronic disease.

We want to have the specialists in Heart and Vascular medicine; Cancer care; Women’s and Children’s care; Trauma and Critical Care; and in Neurological care that are unrivaled in the state.

This capacity to treat the sickest person in our state also needs to be balanced with treatment that aims at preventing disease.

The vision of balanced care from producing health to taking care of the most complex illness is our vision.

Dr. Vinay Badhwar, Dr. Lawrence Wei, and Dr. Luke Marone, all made the leap of faith to join us and form the core of the new program. These great physician-academicians have recruited tremendous talent for the program at WVU Medicine.

More importantly, though, they have built a great team of caring individuals.

Frances Peabody said in his famous address – "For the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient."

Since the heart is the seat of caring, love and connecting of our body, I feel safe saying it is from our heart to yours.

In addition, we are changing the mindset from scarcity to abundance and are being mountaineers – leading the way!