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Going with the flow

What if we have things all wrong?

What if great ideas and great thought were a reflection of being in flow with our higher sources?

What if stillness and reflection that follows the natural currents of our lives brings breakthrough ideas and innovations, as opposed to the struggle, worry and focus on external markers of success leads to happiness?

Where trust and gratitude replace scarcity and competition in our lives. Where we are in flow.

What is flow? In human psychology, flow refers to peak human experience. Where time seems to slow down and insights and information comes exactly when it is needed. 

Those experiencing flow have connected to something deeper that is available to all of us.

There is a growth of literature in quantum physics, as well as in human growth, performance and leadership that great performance and knowledge come through them, as opposed to from them.

In these moments of flow, these extraordinary actions result from connecting to a deeper well of information and knowledge.

Why don’t we experience flow constantly?

I think it is at least partially due to the incessant noise and focus on ego and extrinsic measures of success. 

However, flow may be even more foundational in our world.

David Bohm
David Bohm

David Bohm, the eminent physicist suggest that information and energy flow as a continuous stream instead of as separate particles.

Like music or art, the individual notes or pixels do not communicate the emotion or inspiration of great art and we process the whole to give us information and inspiration.

We are conditioned to respond to flow in our life.

In natural systems, including our bodies, rivers and oceans, blood and water flow from higher resistance to lower resistance circuits.

Recognize, “go with the flow”?

Well, maybe that is a hidden secret for great organizational performance, culture and happiness.

In our lives, we are often unhappy and do not even know why.

We may have achieved great wealth, professional success, good objective health, but still feel unfulfilled.

I think we are fighting to go against the currents of our lives. We are going against the flow.

We are designed to connect with this deeper source of health and life, which requires quieting the noise in our lives to get quiet and sense the path that is right for us.

Maybe by slowing down and staying in the moment, by getting peaceful, by feeling safe and feeling love, we can get in flow.

I have often imagined my life is like being on a surfboard in the ocean, being excited to find where I am directed.

Steve Jobs said in his address to Stanford University in 2005 that you can’t see you life going forward, only when looking backwards. Things ultimately make sense.

Perhaps because their is always a flow to our life, to our road and to our purpose. We often just can’t see it. Maybe its enough that we learn to trust it and enjoy the moments we can get into flow.

Like we are all finding here.



Header image "Water" by Richard Ricciardi, used with creative commons