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Good Measures and a Good Man

We had the grand opening celebration for Good Measures West Virginia, a company started by serial entrepreneur George Bennett.

George is a native West Virginian and is truly one of the finest people I have met.

Scrupulously honest, sharply intelligent and purposeful, George exemplifies the best of us. He is also an eagle scout, which he shares with former WVU President David Hardesty and current President E. Gordon Gee.

He worked with Boston Consulting and then co-founded Bain Consulting and Braxton Associates. He then founded Health Dialogues, an international health services company.

George Bennett, left, co-founded Good Measures. Its latest location is right here at WVU.

Recently, George founded Good Measures, a digital health application that uses a proprietary algorithm and an assessment tool to help patients with diabetes find personalized nutritional balance and also uses a telephone-enabled Registered Dietician as an expert coach for each patient.

He's a West Virginia native and launched Good Measures West Virginia right here.

We have a number of people that need his help.

West Virginia ranks 49 out of 50 in the country in obesity (second worst) and 50th in diabetes.  We need solutions to these vexing problems.

As we have mentioned, connection to people and connection to purpose are critical elements of health and longevity.

Good Measures not only gives its customers a portable support system and insight into the kind of food and diet that will help them control their blood sugar, but it creates a 24 hour consult on what food to choose from restaurants or grocery stores.

This application may also help our citizens lose weight. Doing well by doing good.

We are lucky to have George and Good Measures as part of our collaborative state team that is improving the health of West Virginia citizens and changing our future.

We're combining human support with precision tools. This approach, along with brilliant people like George, we are creating the future of medicine right here in our very own state.