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Gratitude and joy

We all struggle to understand the bigger picture - why we are here; our purpose; our place; our world and our unity.

Often, we seek answers that are driven by ego and society’s conditioning - more and bigger possessions, popularity, bank accounts, houses, jobs and power. We believe that the external proof of a meaningful existence substitutes for the internal drivers of peace, wholeness and fulfillment.

There is no book to solve this issue for us. No song to listen to, or TV show to watch to know we are eternal and safe.

The veil of ignorance on remembering we are ONE is our burden to carry, It is the driver of the lessons we experience in our lives. This veil makes us feel separated. It empowers our egos to make us feel that we are alone.

The real answer to this dilemma is inside each of us waiting to be discovered. We are the energy that accounts for all we see. Even though it defies our logic, there is only energy – light - that accounts for all of us and all we see. We are all part of a connected whole.

Even though it is hard to understand, it has to be true.

Quantum physics tells us that energy is mass. Anything with mass is energy - vibrating, moving energy. That is all.

In this frame, we are all made of energy and we share a common source of the universal and meta-universal energy with each other and with all we think, touch, feel and see. We look different, but I am left to believe that there we are intrinsically ONE.

Unity. Wholeness. Completeness. This is our base state and condition.

The inability to understand or remember this is our veil of ignorance.

I think our real jobs in this life are to rediscover our wholeness and be alchemists to bring this memory to earth. Bringing the external and internal energy together and create heaven on earth - from our inside out.

I think many of us are asleep in this life and in many ways, are living a dream that is governed by ego and fear. Fortunately, many are starting to awaken and are becoming conscious creators of our futures.

How do we start?

A first step is to follow our joy and trust our intuition that is our spirit. It is shared by each of us and all of us. In doing this, we bring love that carries an immense creative power to each of us and to our world. This is a secret to conscious creating in our lives, with each other and to our world.

It also brings us peace, happiness and health.

We need to release and experience the joy and abundance in our lives. For we are all energy and energy is all we experience and do - from thoughts to money to our material possessions to nature to our earth and universe. Just energy and potential.

Potential to change everything by nothing else than our rising above the duality of our egos and programming.

We will then create that which we feel and believe - abundance, joy and unity.

Because the secret is that we are whole for our entire lives.

We need to create this for each and all of us.

Alchemists that rise above duality and ego to change our world to one of safety, cooperation, sharing and trust in each other and our world.

Beyond the veil of ignorance, fear, disease and isolation.

To joy and wonder. To appreciate every miracle and once we get there, we understand that everything and everyone is a miracle.

Be like the sun for grace and mercy. Be like the night to cover others’ faults. Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage and anger. Be like the Earth for modesty. Appear as you are. Be as you appear.~ Rumi (13th century Persian poet)

Almost heaven.