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Health, family and community

I attended the Cecil Jarvis 10K run event in Harrison Co last month.

What I found there reinforces my continued hope for the health of the state.

There were more than 1200 people that either ran or walked the 2 miles of a pretty challenging hilly course. The volunteers of the Healthy Harrison Coalition which West Virginia University has been supporting was able to help the community and race organizers in significantly increasing the participation this year.

Exercise alone is not the only reason I am more and more confident that we as a state are on the right track for a healthier population.

There were so many folks at health booths. People were with their families, having fun and being in the moment. Healthy Harrison coordinated the addition of a community health fair at the race with over 30 healthy exhibits participating in the event.

Being healthy. 

There was great food from farmer’s markets. There were blood pressure checks, too.

WELL WVU had a bicycle with a blender attachment to require the rider to create the energy to make the healthy fruit smoothie.

Not only that, but there were booths from many organizations, including Celebrate Recovery, WVU Medicine/UHC, the YMCA, WVU Extension, just to name a few.

These are caring people that serve the community every day.

There's a community, a connection, full of love and hope. 

Great folks having fun being with each other and connecting on a common frame of health and family - all was on display during the Jarvis run.

It warmed my heart and gave me a glimpse of a bright future for Harrison County and for West Virginia.