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Inspiring Students

I had a lot of fun recording some video with students from each of the Health Sciences schools Tuesday for a back to school video in the fall.

Our communications team created a series of fun experiences starting in our medical Simulation Training and Education for Patient Safety laboratory (STEPS).

I had the opportunity to oversee the care of Mr Wood, a medical simulation manikin, who had suffered a car accident resulting in a ruptured spleen.

Students from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy saw to his care and did a great job with physical exam and history taking, use of medical ultrasound, and took good care of his recurrent bleeding and pain management.

Students from Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy tend to the medical simulation manikin.

He survived and other than a small technical glitch with part of his ear coming off, he came out unscathed. 

Our students did great!

Next, came a dental exam with third year dental students from the School of Dentistry. I got a thorough exam by the students and faculty, got to wear cool glasses that magnify the immediate field worn by the dentists.

Other than a suctioning glitch - where I almost aspirated the rinse water and garbled speech as I was talking with retractors in my mouth - it was great. The students were terrific.

I next went to the Human Performance Laboratory where I got great treatment by students from Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology and Occupational Therapy.

The Physical Therapy students helped me stretch my pyriformis muscle and strengthen my quadriceps. The quad strengthening involved bending from an elevated platform to barely touch the heel of the other foot to the ground.

I was either standing too much in the center of the platform, or that is one I need to work on more.

I was then taken to the treadmill, fitted with a tight mask over my face to do a stress test to test my conditioning. Luckily, our students took it easy on me, and told me that I checked out ok.

Back to the occupational therapy students, who had me eat with adaptive mats, silverware, plates and cups for folks with disabilities. I was fascinated to learn that our team constantly makes our own supplies where needed – very creative and entrepreneurial.

All of our students were professional, friendly, knowledgeable and terrific!

Lastly, I went outside to get a quick lesson in bicycle safety with faculty and students from the School of Public Health.

I found out that the ABCs of bicycle safety are Air, Brakes, and Chain (the ABCs of basic life support I know are Airway, Breathing, Cardiovascular).

I had my helmet fitted, and gingerly took off on the bike, which was a blast.

We had to film that segment a few times, which was great by me. I have to get my bike up here and loved being with our great team from Public Health.

Lastly, back to the Pylons to film the opening and closing.

It was a really busy - and really fun - day hanging out with talented folks that inspire me.

As I told the students, "study hard," because I am getting of the age I will need them to take care of me soon!