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Lenses and reality

Reality is what we perceive, and how we choose to perceive.

I'm going to kick this off with some simple questions.

What is reality, and why are we here?

If you can tell me the answer to this eternal question, please let me know. While I don’t really understand almost everything, I do trust that much of life mirrors our perceptions.

In other words, the lens we use to see our lives and identify our place in the universe impacts our life experience. Positive, negative or both.

It is becoming clear to me as I read about subject matter like quantum physics, complex systems, chaos, entropy, archetypal stories and eastern philosophy, that everything is interconnected.

I am also learning that everything we interpret as sight, sound, touch, feel, smell, taste is our interpretation of electromagnetic waves. The principle wave that carries much of the information of our lives are photons of light.

Importantly, humans can only detect about 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum available for detection.

That means 99% of potential experiences carried by electromagnetic waves are not detectable to us without the use of special equipment like x-ray machines, CT scans, cameras, television sets, radios, etc.

There is emerging data that we are really part of an undivided whole that encompasses everything we experience. Quantum physics tells us that in any measurement, the person or device measuring the event is important to define how the event unfolds.

The theory of relativity by Einstein tells us that there is no observer-observed, but instead there is a participator-participant in all experimental scientific conditions.

Why then is the lens we see ourselves through so important?

I think it has to do with the impact we make on the experiences we have in our lives and world.

A mirror reflects light in a scenic river shot.

If there is no real separation between what we desire, think, feel, emote and our experiences, then using a lens of love, trust, gratitude, abundance may be a key to a happy, fulfilled life.

How do we determine our lens?

As we grow up, it is influenced by parents, friends, and teachers. As we age, it is influenced by spouses, children and co-workers.

I think the lens is actually only the story we tell ourselves about our lives and our world.

There is too much fear, scarcity, ego, separation and fragmentation today, I believe.

Changing our lens is really only changing our story to belief and trust in our abundance.

For there is no statistically likelihood that we would be alive to experience anything. Thus, to be alive is a miracle.

Atoms, the building blocks of mass are almost completely empty space and Einstein demonstrated that mass is just energy.

Nothing can be as we exactly see it. We are participants in reality as the observer and impact the observed or the created.

Let’s change our story to one of success, joy, gratitude and live in the abundance that I think it both our birthright and best potential.

It is our choice and our greatest opportunity.