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Lessons from school

I had the great experience of visiting Ms. Khoury’s fifth grade class at Cheat Lake Elementary School. The visit resulted from a great letter from two young students – Gabby Garrison, an aspiring Otolaryngologist and Eden Gibson, an aspiring Neurologist.

The visit was fantastic!

The school is built on a small hill with trees all around – beautiful! The day was sunny and perfect.

I was blown away by the attentiveness and the awareness of the students about basic elements of health and wellness.

They asked great questions, committed to being healthy and also are clearly part of the change agenda to help their parents and families be healthy.  

I was inspired and convinced that West Virginia will be a healthier state within these students lifetime.

They are thinking like Gen Z’ers – how to create the world in the way that they want to live – entrepreneurially, healthy and full of hope and promise.

Our state and our future are in good hands.