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Match Day

Match Day is a little different this year.

Instead of learning where they have matched into with a dinner, envelopes and shared celebrations in-person, they will be learning through online conferencing and other online means across the country. 

Our WVU School of Medicine has shifted their celebrations online in response, too.It's part of what we must do to adapt to the challenges presented by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

But while we change our ways of announcing, we cannot forget the joy and meaning this day has. Match Day is an incredibly important milestone in the journey of a health professional.

Every year is special for me. Typically, we get to see the excitement of students, their friends, and their families. However, this year has an even more special meaning – I will get to see my daughter Rachel participating through Ohio State University.

I am extremely proud of her. As I share in her excitement, I find myself reflecting on that time in my own life. I remember being very nervous. Internal medicine was a competitive specialty. Ultimately, I was matched with my second-choice residency program, where I met my beloved wife, Gail.

It was meant to be. And I know, wherever Rachel is meant to be is where she’ll wind up. Just as every Mountaineer will go wherever he or she is meant to go. Destiny makes no mistakes.

Our students will be matched at locations all across the country, from east coast to west. And some students will remain here in the Mountain State, where we’ll be lucky to keep some of the best and brightest.

Though we may not be in the same room together, know that everyone at the School of Medicine is rooting for you – cheering you along as we find out together where you’ll write the. Next chapter of your health story.

We know our students are just as excited as they are nervous.

But we know, now more than ever, how important our profession is. How a commitment to care isn't just a career - it's a calling.

Congratulations. You’ve earned this moment of joy.