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Oman Medical College, Peace and Hope 

I was able to visit Oman again for graduation this year.

Once again, I am amazed by the warmth of the people and their caring for each other.

Their community. 

As-salaam alaykum (peace be with you) is the traditional greeting. 


This is followed by a warm embrace and concern about the other person. 

We have a special relationship with Oman Medical College, a private institution that specializes in training medical and pharmacy students. 

The Dean at OMC is Dr. Saleh Al Khusaibi. Dr Saleh is a national leader in Oman and in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries from his career work in pediatrics. 

He has represented the GCC and Oman in many leadership groups. 

He is ably assisted by Dr. Yaseen Moosa Al Lawatia, Vice Dean of OMC and the leader of the Pharmacy School. 

Dr. Yaseen is a perfect complement to Dr. Saleh, focusing on the needs of the curriculum and undergraduate experience for OMC students. 

Together with the founding families of OMC, the college began in 2001 in partnership with WVU. 

The focus of the school is to train Omani students in the health science disciplines, focusing on medicine and pharmacy to serve the country.

The goal of the school and the leadership is inspiring. 

And successful.

Tomorrow, we will graduate more than 200 students for the College and the country. 


The way that Omanis say goodbye?

"Ma'assalama" - go without fear. 

I wish the same to each family and person here in Oman, in West Virginia, and through the world. 

Go without fear and with hope for a better future and a better world.