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I have thought a lot about the frame and principles that I use to make decisions. Although I don’t often think about the details of decision making, I find resonance in this framework.

There are a few assumptions.

We are energy beings having a human experience. Einstein helped us understand that energy and mass are the same thing with mass containing a lot of potential energy (mass * the speed of light in miles/sec, squared). I believe that we are all individual parts of a greater whole - we are droplets of the same ocean. We are diversity within unity.

Nothing we observe is as we see it.

Atoms, which make up mass, are almost all empty space. Our sense of color, smell, touch, and sound are merely interpretation of electromagnetic waves communicated mostly by light/photons. There is no fundamental color or sound in our world, only our reconstruction of these waves.

Interestingly, we only can detect less than 5 percent of this electromagnetic spectrum that exists.

We are powerful creators of our own experiences. Quantum physics, again, tells us that there is no separation between an observer and anything we observe (Einstein’s "Theory of Relativity") and the observation of wave-particle duality can be interpreted that we are actively creating our world and universe from our consciousness, feelings, emotions and focus.

In other words, perhaps our world on the outside is really just a reflection of our internal state. The Sufi poet Rumi captured this when he said, “Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world, today I am wise and decided to change myself."

With those assumptions, here is my framework:

Help everyone who asks. If another sentient being asks for help, then I believe we should give it. Since we are all connected and part of the same whole, we end up being reflections of each other. I think this is what is meant by finding yourself in others. Importantly, we have mirrored neurons in our brains that allow us to see actions of others like our own. Interestingly, the quantum physics observation of entanglement, tells us that anything that is created together remains instantaneously connected (or entangled) at any separation of space and time. This is true for photons, and I think it is true for us too. Doing good for one may be doing good for the whole.

Rescue no one. As I outlined above, I believe we are all part of the god-spark and are powerful creators. Being on earth, we operate from the framework of duality: Better-worse, right-wrong, tall-short, beautiful-ugly, rich-poor. We believe that one side of the two-sided duality coin is better than the other, which is also part of the same duality. What if neither side of contrast is really better than the other, just different. If that is true, then as long as we don’t interfere with each other’s growth, then why should we not give other equal sentient beings their right to explore their choices? I see this as a critical reflection of respect for each other as equals.

Make every place you are somewhere you would want for someone you love. This is my version of the Golden Rule, which is a basis of almost every religion and great culture. I would say that we should make every place like you would want, but today, there are a lot of people that don’t seem to love themselves. This is about community, family and a realization of our innate interdependence.

Remember, we are powerful creators of our lives and our world and experiences are an external reflection of our focus, emotions, feelings and consciousness. I believe that our internal story (abundance, love, gratitude, hope, collaboration, wonder or scarcity, fear, jealousy, competition) determines our life experience. Change your internal story, feelings, emotions and focus, change your life. I think our lives are more literally like the heroine of "The Wizard of Oz," Dorothy, who ultimately found out she always had the power to return home. She just needed to believe that she did. I think we are the same and have adopted a framework of separation in order to experience individuality. I think many are awakening to becoming alchemists, where we can maintain individual experiences while still understanding we are whole ourselves and fractals of a bigger set of infinite wholes at each level of resolution.

This is my current framework and addresses the area that is personally the hardest for me - not to rescue anyone. Since I feel we are all the same and equal spiritual beings having a human experience, then rescue implies greater and lesser. By inserting my belief system and lens on another, I am interfering with their creative experience.

Instead of this approach, I believe we are all on the same river where the current is inexorably leading us back to exactly where we are meant to travel. Although many of us are exploring what it is like to paddle against this current, we will all ultimately end up at the same place - Heaven on Earth.

The above framework has allowed me peace in understanding my job as a healer is really only to heal my wounds. As I do this, I become more translucent to transmit the purer frequencies of love, hope and abundance to others. Through, not from, me. All connected. As above, as below. And one heals, all are impacted positively.

So if this note has touched or activated anything within, or helped you consider your own framework, I am happy. And if it doesn’t, I am still happy to share this with you.