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Rays of hope

I am grateful this morning. 

I am grateful that even in this dynamic moment in history, we are together.

I am grateful for nature and beauty, for birds singing, for trees budding and for the caring people that live in West Virginia.

I am grateful for health and for freedom.

I am grateful for all the healthcare workers and staff who, while scared for their health, continue to serve others.

I am grateful for our essential workers, who keep our state running. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

I am grateful for the indelible spirit of our people. West Virginia strong. Using the power of staying at home, social distancing, hand hygiene, covering coughs, cleaning areas of the house that contacts people or items brought in from outside. This will help us thrive through this time with the novel coronavirus.

A shot of spring foliage.

I am grateful for finding beauty all around as Winter becomes Spring.

I am grateful for each one of you and for the little kindnesses that you do each day.

I am grateful for being reminded of the eternity that surrounds us and the generations who survived our last pandemic, survived two world wars and built the place we live in today.

I am grateful for the love I feel from our community, and that even though socially distanced, we remain deeply connected. 

I am grateful for the lessons that COVID-19 brings to each of us. Our lives created separation, isolation, fear and competition. We forgot we survived and thrived together. We are reminded to connect, build community, love each other and collaborate to rediscover the light in each of us.

I am grateful for the hope of a better world, country and state. 

A healthier world and a healthier WV.

We still have a lot to do in this fight against COVID-19. But realizing what good is out there, what we can be grateful for, can help us refocus from the darkness.

Rays of hope for a bright future. 

Almost Heaven.