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Rebirth and change

Spring is a time of rebirth and change.

I believe the same is happening to West Virginia. I believe the change is for the good and for a bright future for our state.

I feel as our state leaders are like the engineers and technicians at NASA, when they worked on making the impossible possible and put the first person on the moon.

WVU President Gordon Gee has described our mission as a holy one that meets higher purpose.

I agree.

This week, I have been in Charleston to witness the courage of many legislators to make the tough decisions to invest in the health of people in our state and I have been with Gov. Jim Justice and Secretary Bill Crouch, who are unafraid to dream big and invest in our future.

I was on Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval and he asked, "How we could help West Virginia be healthy?"

I think it is simple and it is very human. We need to invest in ourselves, in our children, in our communities and rewrite the stories of our lives to once again believe in the American Dream.

Like in the book and movie "The Polar Express." The story was about the loss of the belief in miracles, as we get older.

The metaphor used in the story was that adults stopped hearing Christmas bells and by rediscovering the belief that all was possible, was hearing the bells again.

It is our time to hear these bells.

People want to return to a simpler life in a beautiful, spiritual place.

They want to rediscover: Purpose, Meaningful Connections, Community, Love, Hope and Safety.

These are the key to health and this is our job to do in our state.

Many are doing this important work of activating communities and investing in our children.

Try This WV; Sustainable Williamson; Healthy Harrison; the Coalfield Development Corporation; the Center for Rural Health Development; EdVenture; the WVCTSI and the Practice-Based Research Network and ECHO program, along with many others are making a tangible difference.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice brought his "Save Our State Tour" to WVU this week.

This difference is not only through their teachings, but it is also through their caring and connecting.

I also attended a meeting with almost 50 attendees on peer coaching for recovery of young people addicted to narcotics or alcohol. These people represent the tip of the spear of the many fold number of others that care deeply about the future of our citizens.

Improving lives by improving connections, love and safety and creating the mindset of abundance and hope.

Spring is a beautiful time in the majestic mountains of our home.

Rebirth of our people and communities is even more beautiful and we are starting to become and believe we are "almost heaven."