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Seeing the brighter side of cold winter days

One of the things that I enjoy is seeing the change of seasons.

The cycle of growth, death and rebirth returns, as we see leaf color changing and the leaves falling off the trees.

Winter is coming, as is the colder weather. There's even call for some snow this weekend.

We recently set our clocks back, gaining an hour of light in the morning but losing it in the evening. With fewer hours of light, many people feel slower and less happy. This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

There is much we can do to address this issue.

Making sure to get out in the sunlight is one easy, and inspiring, approach. There are also full spectrum light bulbs (Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) bulbs) that can help, too. It can be hard to remind ourselves to get up from our desks, especially if we don't really have the time with our work and personal commitments.

Perhaps the best approach is appreciation for each little miracle that is brought forward by each season.

Snow, ice skating, holidays, family, togetherness, fireplaces and hot chocolate are images of winter.

Fall into Winter into Spring into Summer. 

From the transition of fall in its vibrancy and color change.

To the introspection of winter, where life is focused inwardly.

To the rebirth of spring where life emerges from its slumber.

To summer, where days are longer, nights shorter and we see all things blooming and alive externally.

Like the seasons of our life, where each has a special meaning and opportunity.

Gratitude for each season, for each day, for each moment and for each transition in our life may be the best medicine for our health, hope and happiness.