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Taking responsibility

I think one of the most perplexing issues in our world is the seeming unpredictability of our lives and outcomes. Many of us feel like victims to powerful frames, people and organizations we experience in our lives.

What if this perception of powerlessness is just a mirage?

Based on quantum physics, I think that is true.

Wave-particle duality and entanglement are frameworks that suggest we are indeed creators and that foundational connections between us are maintained through space and time.

What exactly do I mean by that?

Let’s start with wave-particle duality.

As I understand it, all forces in nature and all quantum particles exist as a wave or a collapsed, coherent particle.

What determines if a force (like light, gravity, or electrons) exist as waves or particles?

An observer.

Yes, you and me.

I interpret this to mean that we interact with our universe to take a multi-potential state (a wave) and collapse this multi-potential state to a single, collapsed coherent state (a particle.)

Coherence is a factor of enhanced power like we see when light (having different frequencies) becomes coherent (having the same frequency), which makes the non-coherent light bulb transform into a coherent light laser that can cut through metal.

What if this property also extends to all elements of the world we live in?

In this scenario, we are creators with our universe and by focusing on our dreams, hopes, fears, ambitions and futures, we create them.

If this is true, then by becoming conscious creators, we have the ability to change our lives, our futures and our world.

Thus, we should recognize that we are only victims of our own choosing, and realize the world we experience is created by us.

Shouldn’t we then create a more loving, safe and wondrous experience for all?

The other thing I learned in quantum physics is entanglement.

In quantum physics, entanglement refers to the deep-rooted connection that two particles have across time and space. Albert Einstein referred to this as “spooky action at a distance.”

The basic concept is that once connected, particles (like energy) are paired and affect each other, no matter their location.

I think the same may be true for our lives. If we are deeply linked to an emotion, person, idea, purpose or dream, we likely stay connected, even after physical separation.

Thus, negative energy (fear/scarcity/hopelessness/despair) connects as readily as positive energy (love/abundance/hope/wonder.) What if it is our choice which kind of energy stays entangled in our world?

Entanglement may be a core tenet of social change, tipping points (social epidemics) and spread of new ideas or frames.

Thus, taking responsibility for our actions and becoming conscious creators may enable us to actively change our communities and world for the better.

Choosing to see each other, our lives and our world as the miracles they are may be our ticket to a brighter and better future for all.

Almost heaven.