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Three Principles

Life can be difficult.

Unrelenting time demands and a never-ending list of things undone. Constant information overload and incessant demands that make finding peace and fulfillment challenging.

Most of us look to the external world to heal our wounds. While we yearn to be seen and noticed, we often feel invisible. We yearn for meaningful connection, but mostly feel isolated. We yearn for safety and love, but mostly feel afraid and alone. We are told from an early age that life is a struggle and a competition, and we need to win. Win power and status. Win more things. Win our worth. Win happiness. Win love.

We become confused and deeply conflicted.

Are we separate independent beings placed by accident with many others, or are we part of a deeply interconnected whole or One?

Are we spiritual beings with a human experience, or are we human beings that try hard to have spiritual experiences?

Are we specks of sand on the beach of the universe, or are we the creator of both the sand and the universe?

I have a strong intuition that we are the spiritual beings having a human experience and are deeply connected to each other. I also think we create and experience the world in which we live by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Remember Anais Nin said, “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

I believe that the only way to heal our world and ourselves is from the inside of us.

And, as we heal our wounds and elevate our energy vibration, we change the lens that we see our lives through. Our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions change from fear and scarcity to love and abundance. We start to see the miracles that abound in our lives.

To what miracles do I refer? First of all, us.

Statistically, there is no possibility we should be alive. But we are.

Based on quantum mechanics, we know nothing can be as it appears. Color, sound, feeling, smell, touch are only electromagnetic waves that are interpreted by us. Atoms, the building blocks of matter are almost all empty space. Solid things are almost all air. The universe is made up of mostly dark energy and matter. There is more potential energy in a cubic centimeter of air than in all the mass of the universe.

We don’t know anything about everything.

Want a miracle? Look into the mirror. Look outside. Look at each other.

It is all how you see it.

With fall approaching, we are also reminded that the shedding of our burdens allow us to regrow in the right season. Accordingly, many of us need to simplify our lives and unclutter our life’s noise and demands.

We can do this by getting back to what is really important to us.

Our principles.

I have been thinking and reflecting on mine. I have come up with three.

Help every One.

Rescue no One.

Create our place, organization and environment like we would want it for someone we love (like family).

What are the specifics around these three principles?

Help every One.
The root word of health is – hal, which means whole. I believe we are spiritual beings that are part of an interconnected whole (or One) that decided to have an adventure on earth. I believe we intentionally agreed to live within a veil of ignorance of our spiritual and creative being. We are like the prince that changed lives with the pauper but has forgotten he/she is a prince/princess.

If true, then we are made of the same stuff. Thus, helping another is the same as helping ourselves. This is what is meant that only by service to others, we can find ourself. Because others may be ourself. We are mirrors to each other.

No one greater and no one lesser.

We need to heal our wounds to recover the birthright of our wholeness. This may explain the basic human need to be connected, part of a community, be seen and belong. To be whole ourselves and as part of the larger whole (at the community, state, country, world, universal and spiritual levels). Work from almost everyone that focuses on biological aging (the body’s real age) and longevity says the same thing - how we see ourselves and our lives have a direct impact on our outcome and health. The more we feel separated, alone and isolated, the sicker we become.

As healers, we offer assistance and help to all that desire it. We offer love and caring, or energy exchange, to help people heal raise their energy level to heal themselves. However, as equal spiritual beings, we respect each one’s choice to experience their life and existence as they choose.

When any of us needs help, the angels in our better nature are ready to respond.

This is also why is it so important to invest in the health of our healers. If our healers are sick themselves, they cannot be the light to help others heal.

Rescue no One.
I deeply believe we are all parts of the same thing - droplets of the same ocean, clouds of the same sky, mirrors of the same light. Energy and spiritual beings in human bodies. The Sufi poet Rumi said it well, “we are different lamps with the same light.” If so, we all have the same creative power as each other.

Rescuing another of us implies there is a greater and a lesser. A hero and a victim.

I believe the perception that some of us are foundationally more powerful than others, is not true and is a basis of human suffering. Anyone waiting for the hero on the white horse to rescue them will be waiting all their life.

For it is only us that can heal ourselves. That is part of our role. Waking up, like Dorothy in Kansas, in the Wizard of Oz, to discover we always have the power. We just need to realize it.

That is the reason why many of us suffer. We resist the lessons we are being asked to learn to wake up to who we really are. Wake up to heal ourselves. Wake up to love ourselves. And as we become whole, we become the lights that remind others of who they /we are. That is the greeting Namaste, which can translate to the Devine in me recognizes the Divine in you.

I think we are all on the same river where the current inexorably moves us towards our source. Many of us resist this flow by paddling against the current. Eventually, we collapse in crisis to the flow. This is suffering. Others choose to accept, relax and trust their lives will unfold as they should and ride with the flow of the current. This is joy. In fact, the flow state is the highest human state. It is one of release and acceptance and is a secret to a happy, joyful and peaceful life. Letting go, not holding on tighter. Trusting that the unfolding of our lives will be exactly as it should.

Thus, since I believe we are all spirits on earth to create and rediscover our creative opportunity to contribute to healing of us, each other and our universe, no one needs to be rescued. All equals and courageous explorers and way seekers on this planet.

Create our place, organization and environment like we would want it for someone we love (like family).
The golden rule is a key tenant in most religions. I am reminded of a story on Russell Honore, the military leader of rescue efforts from hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He quickly turned a policing effort to one of humanitarian aid. FEMA was struggling with bringing stranded people back to safety on their limited number of lifeboats. People wouldn’t come without their pets and valuable stuff. Honore changed the plan to one simple principle, treat people like they are your family members. People, pets and their prized stuff came back by the boatload, saving lives and providing caring.

In our best moments, we spread and connect with love to each other.

If we follow these three simple rules, I believe we can immediately make our communities and our world better. Respecting each other as powerful, creative, equal Devine beings. Because we are deeply connected, helping one of us helps all. The ultimate rising tide raises all boats. And in creating this way, we remind us of our true powers to heal - ourselves, each other and our world. Through love.

I think another word for the Devine is love. And, in love, we realize heaven on earth.