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What if we all lived our lives in flow, in tune with the natural ways of nature, of our society and of our lives? Appreciating our many great and foundational gifts?

Maybe the secret is to let go and developing an attitude of gratitude. Not out of despair or hopelessness, but out of love and joy. Love and joy for our opportunity to be alive. 

For our friends who love us.

For our eyes to see beauty.

For our ears to hear beautiful music.

For our smell to experience intoxicating fragrance.

For our taste to savor wonderful food.

For our touch to experience the embrace of our spouse or child.

To live the life of our purpose for others (and ourselves).

Appreciate having our needs met, whether by delivery to our doorstep and from the faucets and dispensers in our kitchens and refrigerators.

For our ability to walk. For safe sidewalks to travel our cities.

For our ability to speak. For sharing love and community with each other.

For our ability to think. For imagining a world where we discover our deep connection and oneness.

For our ability to travel. For planes to jet us around the country and world in a day and for our internet that allows us to instantly connect with those around the world.

What if we saw our lives through a different lens?

Not one of duality (right/wrong, black/white, fat/thin, beautiful/ugly) as ways to judge and criticize, but as diversity to see the richness in each other and in our world.

Perfection in imperfection.

Our reality and lives unfolding just exactly as they should. Flowing with the river of our lives. 

Stepping back in our great gratitude and joyously and thankfully enjoying the view.

Almost Heaven.