Back to The Journey of Health and Well-being for West Virginia and the World

Welcome to WVU. Welcome home.

It is the most exciting time of the academic year – welcoming of new and returning students to the Health Science Center and to WVU.

We are so happy to have each of you join us.

We seek to be a different kind of university and set of schools. We know that our most important job is to connect you to lifelong learning, friendships and community.

Here, we hope that education is more than just jamming your brains full of information you can look up on your smart phone ... although assuredly, there will be some of that.

We want to expand your horizons, share stories that have been handed from generation to generation (history or his story) and help you find that magic inside yourself that you may have not known exists.

Like Dorothy in Kansas (that's a "Wizard Of Oz" reference), you each have all you need inside of you, but just haven’t quite discovered it yet. That is what we are here for – to help this process.

We hope you will immerse yourself in the discovery of knowledge and maybe even create a bit of new knowledge during your time with us. Research opportunities abound, and we hope that through this pathway, you will help us find solutions to the world’s most vexing problems and help us solve them.

Quincy Hathaway is a research student at the WVU School of Medicine.

Even if we don’t find the earth-changing solution, we can still have great fun on the adventure of purpose together. Here, we want you to find the areas of study and areas of your life that give you the most energy and joy.

Pursue them!

But, during this grand adventure, don’t only focus on the endpoints, the to-do lists, but enjoy the company and the journey.  As you get older, you discover our life is a series of journeys and adventures that we are privileged to travel.

Pay attention to the beauty that surrounds you here. Mountains, trees, flowers, rivers, and nature at its best.

Almost Heaven.

We see you as our most valuable treasure, as well as our teachers, faculty and staff.

We are here for you and the opportunity to contribute to your life and growth is a privileged experience for us.

Remember, Mountaineers Go First.

You are in Almost Heaven.

Let’s Go.