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What do we stand for? What is truth

What is the truth?

Isn’t that a focus of all on Earth? What is our purpose? Why are we here? We all want to know the truth to these critical, but perhaps, unanswerable questions.

Well, I am going to give them a shot.

I will give myself an out by admitting this is what seems plausible to me, but as I continue to learn and evolve, my truths change. But my principles do not.

I think we are spiritual beings with a human experience.

All made of the same creative spark. All equal. No victims. No lesser and no greater. All connected as a bigger whole. Droplets of the ocean. The saying "Namaste" in Buddhism means, “the divine in me recognizes the divine in you”.

Thus, I believe that no one needs to be rescued, just helped - and I believe we should not help unless another creator asks. If someone else is having a different experience than you would like for yourself, we should let it be. We often judge experiene better/worse or informed/not informed, but in actuality any choice is just a creative experience. If we are immortal spiritual beings, then human experiences are just that - experiences and opportunities to grow and create.

I think we have chosen to be on Earth to see what it would be like being a separate, unconnected being.

I think this is the metaphor of the Garden of Eden. Eating the apple from the tree of knowledge and being expelled from Eden. I don’t think this is punishment, but a decision to explore our individuality. This is what ego and fear does for us on Earth. It makes us feel separated from everything else and that the world exists outside of us and outside of our ability to affect it.

I believe we are like the prince and the pauper, where we have given up understanding we are connected, creative beings with immense power to live as disconnected, powerless individuals that have a finite existence.

We live in a world based on fear/separateness and duality/contrast. We are taught that there are things to acquire (better) and things not to acquire (worse). We are taught some are better and some worse. Of course, these are just rules we have agreed to follow.

There is really no better or worse from an eternal perspective. This is what the Ying-Yang symbol tells us: Perfect opposites make the whole. Two sides of the coin. At the most foundational level, all is creative experience.

I think that everything is connected at every level and part of consciousness.

Quantum physics and the theory of relativity by Einstein tells us that there is nothing really outside of us. Nothing can exist without someone to observe it. Since we are all energy, as is everything we see as having mass, then there is really no difference between anything and everything we can see, smell, touch, feel, hear or taste. I believe we are all created on this fabric.

I think this fabric is consciousness. Interestingly, the root of the word science is "to know." The root of consciousness means "to know with." Quantum physics also supports this critical interface between science and spirituality. Quantum packets are more like clouds than particles and buzz in and out of our ability to see and follow them.

In fact, a quantum particle like an atom, electron, or photon can’t simultaneously have its speed or location demonstrated. Even the smartest physicists armed with the most sophisticated machines can only speak in probabilities about the location and speed of these particles. And these particles are the building blocks of our world and universe.

I think we are here to learn, create and be alchemists on Earth.

I believe our journey is to heal our wounds on the inside. All sages, religious figures and heroes of archetypical stories disclose the same thing - our journey is not outside of us, but it is our journey inside. To find ourselves and heal our wounds.

I also think we are in a creative space. We have just forgotten we are the creators of the life we live and the world we live. I think our ultimate journey is blend our individual experiences with the knowledge we are part of an unbroken whole. Complete at every level and never-ending fractals of a continuing bigger whole.

Being alchemists to blend us as an unbroken whole with ever-larger wholes is what we call heaven. Safe in our connectedness and excited about our individuality.

I think we are all born to be healthy, powerful creators, but we have forgotten.

I think health is our birthright. We have just blocked our health with fear. Fear is not bad, but drives our experience of separation. Fear drives ego, which is in place for our survival, but also for our separate experience. Ego gives us the experience of living alone in a world that is external to us.

Sages and archetypal stories tell us that this is an illusion. In fact, Indian cultures refer to our world as Maya (the illusion). Anais Nin, the philosopher and poet said it well, “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are." I believe in fact, we live the lives we believe. I think changing your health and your life is as simple as changing your story. Our internal story is the one that creates our limitations, our victimhood, our fear of change and of death.

Flow, trust, acceptance and release.

Flow is our highest human condition.

It is staying in the “now." it is a release state. It is one of total focus, trust, acceptance and release of control. Release of fear. Being connected to our greater self/selves. I believe we are all on the same river flowing in the same direction. Most of us spend our whole lives furiously paddling against the current, trying to control and steer the boats of our lives ahead of others. Ahead of change. Ahead of death.

Most of us eventually come to a place of exhaustion, crisis or intervention to let go of our oars to resist the currents of our lives. The few, lucky ones lay back in their boats and trusting in the unfolding of their lives, focus on the amazing miracles we are blessed with each day. Really savoring them and working with the current to contribute to our world and universe in meaningful ways. Small and large.

We are really love at our greatest potential.

My middle child asked me what I stood for. I gave a really long and detailed answer that I thought would impress him. He waited patiently for me to finish, and asked the same question again. I answered in a more abbreviated manner. He asked the third time. I gave up and asked him what he stood for.

He answered, “love”. I immediately said, “me too”.

I think when we are in our greatest potential, we resonate with this vibration. Our highest vibration. And, since we are energy beings, the state of being is our most important opportunity to advance change. We are stuck in “to dos” and maybe we should be more into “to be”.

Like Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz," we always have the power, we just need to remember.

I believe it is our birthright and many are waking up and remembering.

Namaste and Almost Heaven.