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Wholeness and Health

I recently found out that the root of the word “health” is “wholeness.”

That makes sense to me.

We have problems identifying the exact definition of health.

I have suggested that health may be where your biological age (your body’s real age) is less than your chronological age (your birthday age) and disease may be the opposite.

Being young as you get old is good and being old when you are young is not.

Others may say that health is optimal physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social and community balance.

Maybe feeling whole as a person inside of yourself is the key to getting healthy.

We have talked previously about the critical role of love and safety for human growth, fulfillment and happiness.

Google found the best teams had the most psychological safety – maybe this allows their team members to be authentic, to feel whole, as they are – faults and all.

In addition, connections to others, to deep purpose, to gratitude and to trust that the universe is abundant in meeting all our needs promotes health.

These elements help us feel whole.

Just as the healthy person contributes to a healthy family, healthy families contribute to healthy communities and these communities help individuals build resilience.

Resilience is the offset for childhood and adult traumas that cause us to be sick. The traumas that make us feel isolated, small and keep us from feeling that we have all we need in our lives.

Keep us from feeling whole.

If wholeness is our goal in promoting health, then I think that great friends, healing nature and defining purpose connects us to the core of wholeness inside of us.

Like coming back home.

Paying back and paying forward.

The secret is that as you commit to heal others, you also get healed.

Full circle.